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Business Communication (Weekend Program)

Business communication is a professional English language course of ACE. In this special course, you will learn how to improve your oral and written communication in English.
  • Course Category

    English Language

  • Course Difficulty


Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to communicate confidently
  • Ability to Present formally
  • Become an effective speaker
  • Confident Dialogue delivery
  • Mature Sentence structure
  • Interactive Communication
  • Extempore Speaking skills

The Business Communication English Program offered at ACE Islamabad has been particularly designed and developed to equip candidates with essential Business communication skills of written and oral communication. So it helps them to build their confidence in writing and speaking English at the workplace, at the same time, avoiding common mistakes of  Business communication English in the workplace.

In this program, students not only improve their formal English speaking skills but at the same time, they learn how to be a confident and effective speaker in Business English and Business Communication. ACE has designed this course for those professionals who actually face troubles in daily Business communication. Or they are unable to present confidently at there working station.

The Business English program is an ideal course for candidates who do not have a suitable environment to practice their English language skills. ACE Institute is an exact place to improve your Business English communication, as we make sure the provision of such a healthy and interactive environment to our students.

Curriculum For This Course

  • Minutes of Meeting
  • Memorandums
  • E-mail Correspondence
  • Business Invitation
  • How to take notes during meeting.
  • Dialogue formation
  • How to be formal in tone during correspondence.
  • Formal and Informal Letters
  • Business Letters
  • Official communication
  • Formal and informal speaking
  • Argumentative and Persuasive writing
  • syntax formation
  • Application writing
  • Concise and complete
  • Proposal writing
  • Business Proposals
  • Business writing ethics
  • Report writing
  • Reporting and analyses

Course Information

  • Session Duration: 06 Weeks
  • Credit Hours: 16-24 hrs
  • Student Capacity: 6-8
  • Week Schedule: 2 hours / session || Friday and Saturday
  • Class Duration: 5Pm - 7Pm
  • Course Teachers: Miss Ayesha Fatima & Sir Omer

Upcoming Session Dates

Last Date of Admission: Sat 20-April-2024
Session Start Date: Mon 22-April-2024

Last Date of Admission: Sat 27-April-2024
Session Start Date: Mon 29-April-2024

Frequently Asked Questions

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Spoken English Language Course

Course Price: Rs 25000 /-

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0333-5335792 | 0333-5335892

  • Upcoming Session

  • Last Date of Admission Sat 20-April-2024
  • Session Start Date Mon 22-April-2024

  • Course Level Advanced to Professional
  • Course Pre-Requisite English Language
  • Course Length 06 Weeks

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