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Graphics Designing

This Graphic Designing course is intended for total beginners. Suitable for all age groups. The course covers the topic on how to create Professional Logo for Companies. Make use of logos in a full branding design. From there we also learn how to edit photos by removing and adding objects to a photo. We make use of photoshop to fully transform the image. This course is a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Figma.
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Learning Outcomes

  • Logo Designing
  • Stationary Design
  • Branding Design
  • App Mockups
  • Website Mockups
  • Photo Editing
  • Compositions
  • Freelancing Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr

Graphics Designing Course Covers following topics


Adobe illustrator CC will assist you accomplish many various design tasks—from making minimalistic logos to full-blown illustrations or the creation of a user-friendly design for the essay generator. For this reason, this course teaches core ideas and techniques which will be applied to any workflow for print, the web, or assets that will find their way into alternative applications. Instructor explains key components of Adobe illustrator, like artboards, workspaces, layers, and shapes. Instructor discusses vector graphics—which are composed of paths, strokes, and fills—and shows how to create and edit them using the illustrator drawing tools. He also covers the way to organize artwork into teams and layers, mix and clean up paths, work with type and effects, leverage CC Libraries, print and export your work, and much more.


Adobe Photoshop is a powerful program used across many industries, from art and design to scientific imaging. This course was created specifically to help designers master this complex technology, with the goal of removing technical barriers so you can start creating as soon as possible. Photoshop CC 2019 boasts tools and features for making tonal and color adjustments, applying effects and treatments to type and graphics, and distorting, filtering, and layering elements—all while maintaining the highest-quality output. In this course, the Instructor demonstrates how to efficiently perform common design tasks, including editing images, drawing shapes, and working with type and fonts. As instructor helps you master key Photoshop features, she shares practical tips for boosting your productivity.


Figma is a cloud-based collaborative design and prototyping tool used in the field of user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design. It allows designers, developers, and other team members to work together in real time on design projects, making it a popular choice for remote and distributed teams. Figma offers a range of features that enable designers to create, share, and iterate on designs efficiently. Some key features of Figma include: Vector Editing, Prototyping, Components and Styles, Plugins and Integrations.

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The is the best graphic designing course in Islamabad Rawalpindi. We not only cover designing in institute but also the freelancing ways to earn income. We offer Professional Designing course in Islamabad. This short course will help you to become designer in just 2 Months. We also offer online course in the institute. After completion of course, you will also be awarded certificate by institution.


Curriculum For This Course

  • Navigating documents
  • Creating your own Illustrator workspace
  • Working with artboards
  • Using layers
  • Drawing shapes
  • Transforming objects
  • Adding fills and strokes
  • Working with color and type
  • Drawing in Illustrator
  • Printing and exporting artwork
  • Working with Smart Objects
  • Creative transformations and warping
  • Essential filters for designers
  • Emulating traditional drawing techniques
  • Working with shape and fill layers
  • Pen tool basics
  • Applying layer effects and styles
  • Type essentials
  • Creative brush techniques
  • Working with libraries and artboards
  • Exporting files and sharing images
  • Installation, Dashboard, creating team, New design files
  • Shapes Tools
  • Importing and editing unsplash pictures
  • Social media post using images, text, tools
  • Product Designs
  • Export on different form: png, jpeg, svg, pdf
  • Create Icons & Gradients
  • Working on Boolean Groups
  • Creating letterhead using page sizes
  • Manipulating objects
  • Creating color palettes
  • Logo Designing
  • Brochure Designing
  • Branding Design
  • App Mockup Design
  • Advertisement Design
  • Web Mockup
  • Writing in Other Languages.
  • Installing Custom Fonts
  • Freelancing Tips
  • Introduction to Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer

Course Information

  • Session Duration: 2 Months
  • Credit Hours: 36
  • Student Capacity: 5
  • Week Schedule: Morning & Evening
  • Course Teachers: Sir M. Aakif Raza & Sir Afzaal

Upcoming Session Dates

Last Date of Admission: Sat 20-April-2024
Session Start Date: Mon 22-April-2024

Last Date of Admission: Sat 27-April-2024
Session Start Date: Mon 29-April-2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can learn this course?

The course is intended for everyone. It does not require any prior experience or education. From School going to professional jobholder, anyone can learn this.

How many classes are there in a week?

There are 3 classes per week. The days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Will i get a certificate?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the total 2-month course. The student will submit his final course project. Based on that you will be given a certificate.

Can i do freelancing after this?

Yes the core purpose of this course is to make sure the student is skilled enough to work on platforms such as,,

Graphics Designing Course Institute in Islamabad - ACE American Institute of English

Course Price: Rs 16500 /-

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  • Upcoming Session

  • Last Date of Admission Sat 20-April-2024
  • Session Start Date Mon 22-April-2024

  • Course Level Basic to Intermediate
  • Course Pre-Requisite None
  • Course Length 2 Months
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